IRM IV: The Challenge of New Home Sales Management



What this program is:

  • A two-day, comprehensive sales course with the strategies that can be taken straight from the classroom to the field to improve your approach to sales management. 
  • A great, affordable opportunity to spend two full days with an industry leader in a limited-space class (something that would normally cost building companies $15,000). 
  • For motivated sales professionals who want proven strategies for hiring, training, setting goals, and managing a successful sales process. 
  • An investment in your career that will pay for itself as soon as you re-enter the field. 
  • One step closer to earning the prestigious Master in Residential Marketing (MIRM) designation. 
  • A chance to network with other new home sales professionals. 


What it is NOT:

  • For close-minded sales professionals who are content with their numbers, or those of everyone on their team. 
  • A slow-paced program full of outdated, over-used selling tactics. 


You will benefit from this program if ...

  • You're looking for proven ways to boost the performance of your sales team. 
  • You would like to improve realtor relations to drive more sales.  
  • You want to jump-start the performance of someone who's "retired but still on the payroll." 
  • You're a sales manager who wants effective coaching tools for hiring, training, motivating, setting goals, and increasing sales. 
  • You're a sales professional or manager in need of new selling strategies appropriate for today’s hard-hit economy. 
  • You want selling tools guaranteed to maintain the stellar performance of your top performers. 
  • You want proven tools that are guaranteed to boost the performance of your reps that are doing a good job, but still falling short of their potential. 
  • You have at least one sales professional that's underperforming in some way. 


Three Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 – 30 Minutes of Private Consulting with John Palumbo

In the two days of this program, you’re going to learn A LOT of new sales and management strategies. With a 30-minute private consultation, you will have a chance to discuss your action plan and its results, discuss how to adopt the strategies you’ve yet to implement, and ask all those questions you forgot to in class.  

Value: $500.00 


Bonus #2 – One Free Sales DNA Profile

A profiling system is crucial to hiring the right salesperson. Just as vital is the profiling system used. John Palumbo – a sales expert, author and speaker – has created a customized profiling system that determines a salesperson’s true potential.  

John’s tailored Sales DNA Profiles answer three critical questions that all employers NEED to know before hiring a salesperson:  

·         HOW does this person sell?  

·         WILL this person sell?  

·         CAN this person sell?  

Without answers to all three questions, an employer cannot get a true reading of a salesperson’s potential. Only John Palumbo’s Sales DNA Profiles answer all three essential questions. Getting the answer to one or even two of these questions is just NOT enough! Without the answers to HOW, WILL and CAN, you cannot get the full picture and you may end up hiring a sub-standard salesperson.  

Think about it – making bad hiring decisions costs a company thousands, if not millions, of dollars. I know what you’re thinking, “Millions? Come on, you’re being a tad overly dramatic, aren’t you?” NO! And I’ll tell you why …  

The wages you’re paying these employees are going down the toilet because they can’t close a deal, the money you spent to train them – lost … and, in addition to that, what about the tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales that are walking out the door???  

It’s not your fault – you were duped. They answered ALL the interview questions perfectly, they looked professional, they showed up early, they even sent a thank you note telling you they appreciated the opportunity to meet. They seemed like they had it ALL. 

What happened? Well, they could pull it off in a one-hour interview, but they can’t pull off a life time of being someone they’re not. 

Enter the Sales DNA Profile.  

What’s so great about this profile? Well, it employs a self-scored behavioral assessment using the DiSC personality model. DiSC profiles the four primary behavioral styles – dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance – each with very distinct and predictable patterns of observable behavior. In short, it helps you hire the best possible candidate because it unearths the applicants’ true nature. This is essential if you want to increase productivity and profits by hiring the right person the first time.We want to make sure you wring every ounce of benefit out of this program you can. So after the seminar, your program instructor will meet by phone with you.

Value: $100.00


Bonus #3 – Free Book

Take John home with you! Leave the classroom with a copy of John's best-selling book:

Selling at the Bottom of the Market

How would you like to have a private coaching session with one of the nation’s leading sales experts? John’s newest book is exactly that. The unique, graphic design takes you from start to finish of precisely what to say and write with your next prospective buyer to boost your ability to close more sales … in even the toughest markets. John has answered the question all sales professionals are asking: “How do we sell to prospects that are afraid of making a buying mistake?”   Buyers exist in every market – learn John’s simple revelations and ensure that they convert to your sale and not someone else’s.

Value: $24.95


Total Value of the Bonuses alone: $624.95


So that’s the whole deal. Let’s recap what you’re going to get.


A solid, two-day program with new homes sales leading industry expert, John Palumbo – an opportunity that would normally cost a builder $6,900 /day for a total program value of $13,800.
30 minutes of private coaching with John Palumbo, a value of $500.
John’s powerful Sales DNA Profile for hiring and training perfection with a value of $100.00.
One book by author John A. Palumbo, valued at $24.95.

All yours for just $375 for Members
($475 for Non-Members).

Decide now to make your job easier and your sales team more productive.


Register for this program today.